Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Lille Søster Liv

Little sister Liv is just under 1 year younger than her big brother Ola.  359 days younger to be exact!  I did two photoshoots of both of them and their 2nd photoshoots were just 10 days apart.  Pretty cool! Line and I have done a few collaborations together for bridal inspiration.  Hopefully we will be doing some more in the near future.  Right now she has her hands full :-)
I have more newborns just around the corner.  Spring is here finally and I am looking forward to all the blossoms and new leaves on the trees.  The birds are already chirping and twittering, practicing for when their chicks come.
Do you have a baby due soon? They are only so little for a split second.  Those first 10 days to 2 weeks are gone so fast.  Let me capture those first few days so you can hold on to those memories for a lifetime.  It's so worth it.

1 year apart - Ola and Liv

Monday, 13 March 2017

Five Days New - Newborn Photoshoot

My first little baby girl of the year.  It's so lovely when they are so new and they just sleep.
Are you pregnant? It is great to contact me while you are still pregnant so that we can find a time as early as possible.  I prioritise newborns during the week.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Snow Baby - Outdoor Photoshoot

It makes me so happy that more and more people are wanting outdoor photoshoots of their children when it is still cold.  Not only because I don't have a very big space for anything bigger than a newborn, but because it is more natural, more beautiful and what my photography is all about.  The weather was fantastic, after a very sunny day we got some cloud cover but still wonderful light coming from behind the clouds.  This place is perfect in all seasons! Happy photographer dance! :-)

Sunday, 5 March 2017


The other day I was lucky enough to borrow the swimming pool all to myself so I could do some underwater photos of a young swimmer. The photos are for her confirmation invitations.  I don't think they were expecting that I could also do underwater shots, but I used to do quite a lot of underwater pregnancy photos back in Sydney 17 years ago.  I really love taking underwater photos and I must say I had forgotten about my past life until recently, when I decided to buy an underwater housing for my Nikon to see how things have changed.  17 years ago I used film and would only take about 36 photos.  Things have changed. I couldn't have been more lucky with the light the other day. The sun came shining through the windows and danced for me.
I hope to inspire some new "konfirmanter" to get some more exciting photos this year.  You can do whatever you want! I will follow you :-)